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Mark Wastell Quartet + Roland Ramanan/Roberto Sassi – 24 June 2015

MARK WASTELL QUARTET: Mark Wastell (cello), Alan Wilkinson (reeds), Dominic Lash, Graham MacKeachan (basses). Second outing for this very exciting quartet blending the sonority of the deep strings with alto sax and bass clarinet. + Roland Ramanan/Roberto Sassi Now reduced to a duo this will still be an intriguing and …

Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Bagpipes for Pluto – 19 June 2013

Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble: Richard Scott (wigi controllers,electronics), David Birchill (guitar), Adam Linson (d.bass), Phil Marks (drums). Very fine Manchester-based band. Unpredictable, dynamic, original and watchable in all the right ways. + Bagpipes for Pluto: Adam Pultz Melbye (Den) double bass, Francesco Bigoni (It) ten sax,cl, Markus Pesonen (Fin) guitar, …

Alex Bonney/Tom Challenger/Corey Mwamba/Olie Brice/Pete Ibbetson + Roland Ramanan/Daniel Thompson/Tom Jackson – 27 March 2013

Alex Bonney/Tom Challenger/Corey Mwamba/Olie Brice/Pete Ibbetson – The second high quality free jazz outfit of the month this time with trumpet/sax/vibraphone/bass/drums. + Roland Ramanan/Daniel Thompson/Tom Jackson – Ccontrasting improv. trio with 3 great players on trumpet/guitar/clarinet @  Ryan’s. 181 Stoke Newington Church St, N16. Entrance £6/4.00. Doors 8.30.

VOLE + Alan Wilkinson/Otto Fischer/Paul May – 25 January 2012

VOLE: Roland Ramanan/Roberto Sassi/Alex Hawkins/Tom Greenhalgh – great new line-up for this trumpet/guitar/keyboards/drums quartet blending improvisation and composition + Alan Wilkinson/Otto Fischer/Paul May – saxophonist in a new trio with Oxford guitarist and minimalist drummer Ryan’s. 181 Stoke Newington Church St, N16. Entrance £6/4.00. Doors 8.30pm

DMP + VOLE – 29 June 2011

DMP: Pawel Dziadur (electronics), Slawomir Maler(tenor sax), Philip Palmer (alto sax). Hot from Poland and on tour this should be a must-see gig. + VOLE: Roland Ramanan (trumpet), Roberto Sassi (guitar), Javier Carmona (drums) + Alexander Hawkins (keys). Blending composition with improv and here augmented by exceptional keyboardist this is …

Flimflam Wednesday 24 November 2010 – Roland Ramanan/Roberto Sassi/Pat Thomas/Steve Noble + Mick Beck/Phil Marks

Roland Ramanan/Roberto Sassi/Pat Thomas/Steve Noble – trumpet/guitar/keys/ drums. Four great musicians and some great music. + Mick Beck/Phil Marks – sax, bassoon/drums. Two of the finest players from well north of Watford seen far too rarely down in the ‘Smoke’. 20:30-23:30 On this occasion, FlimFlam has had to move to Downstairs at …