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Alan Tomlinson/Rachel Musson/Dave Tucker/Jim Lebaigue + Alan Wilkinson/Pete Marsh/Paul May – 29 January 2014

Alan Tomlinson/Rachel Musson/Dave Tucker/Jim Lebaigue – fantastic maverick trombonist with great new line-up featuring saxophone/long term guitar partner/drums. + Alan Wilkinson/Pete Marsh/Paul May – fearsome saxophonist with intense trio of bass and drums. flimflam@Ryan’s , 181 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16. Entrance £6/4.00. Doors 8.30.

flimflam Special @ The Others – 19 November 2013

As part of the London Jazz Festival, flimflam  presents a special night at The Others, a great space for live music on Manor Road in Stoke Newington. WILKINSON/EDWARDS/NOBLE – An all too rare gig for one of the most powerful and inventive trios on the scene with Alan Wilkinson on …

Ricardo Tejero/Tom Wheatley/Eddie Prévost + Chris Prosser + Terry Day/Rachel Musson/Hannah Marshall -31 July 2013

Ricardo Tejero/Tom Wheatley/Eddie Prévost – bamboo flutes and sopranino sax, Spanish reed player, bass and near-legendary drummer complete this exciting four piece. + Chris Prosser Violin solo from visiting New Zealander + Terry Day/Rachel Musson/Hannah Marshall – bamboo flutes and sopranino sax with returning sax and cello the previous week. …

Alan Wilkinson/Paul Hession+Alan Tomlinson+Rachel Musson/Liam Noble/Mark Sanders – 18 January 2012

Alan Wilkinson/Paul Hession – saxophonist reignites his longstanding relationship with one of the country’s finest drummers + Alan Tomlinson  – inimitable solo performance by this maestro of the trombone + Rachel Musson/Liam Noble/Mark Sanders – rising saxophone star with formidable jazz-rooted keyboardist and another of the country’s great drummers Ryan’s. …