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Michael Evans/Alan Wilkinson/John Edwards + Elaine Mitchener/Alison Blunt/John Russell/Mark Sanders – 31 October 2012

Michael Evans/Alan Wilkinson/John Edwards – Visiting US drummer teams up with excellent London sax and bass + Elaine Mitchener/Alison Blunt/John Russell/Mark Sanders excellent group with voice/violin/acoustic guitar/drums (please note lineup change from previously advertised listing) Ryan’s Bar. 181 Stoke Newington Church St, N16. Entrance £6/4.00. Doors 8.30pm.

John Russell/Kay Grant/Dave Solomon + APE – 25 May 2011

John Russell/Kay Grant/Dave Solomon – great acoustic guitarist in the company of equally able vocalist and drummer + APE: Paul Shearsmith (trumpet), Mike Walters (saxes,chaos box), Grahame MacKeachan (bass), Grassy Noel (poetry) Mixing spoken word and out there music, unpredictable and poignant. Entrance £6/4.00. Doors 8.30pm.