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Ricardo Tejero/Tom Wheatley/Eddie Prévost + Chris Prosser + Terry Day/Rachel Musson/Hannah Marshall -31 July 2013

Ricardo Tejero/Tom Wheatley/Eddie Prévost – bamboo flutes and sopranino sax, Spanish reed player, bass and near-legendary drummer complete this exciting four piece. + Chris Prosser Violin solo from visiting New Zealander + Terry Day/Rachel Musson/Hannah Marshall – bamboo flutes and sopranino sax with returning sax and cello the previous week. …

Benedict Taylor/Dan Thompson/Alex Ward + BARREL – 29 May 2013

Benedict Taylor/Dan Thompson/Alex Ward – virtuosic, complex and compelling improvisations on viola/guitar/clarinet + BARREL: Alison Blunt (violin), Hannah Marshall (cello), Ivor Kallin (viola) – Highly regarded string trio bring their blend of unpredictability, humour and sonic explorations @  Ryan’s. 181 Stoke Newington Church St, N16. Entrance £6/4.00. Doors 8.30.

Barrel: Alison Blunt/Ivor Kallin/Hannah Marshall + Alan Wilkinson/John Coxon – 30 May 2012

The double trumpet/bass quartet of Loz Speyer/Jim Dvorak/Guillaume Viltard/David Leahy had to cancel, but the excellent Barrel have stepped into the breach. Barrel: Alison Blunt/Ivor Kallin/Hannah Marshall – marvellous string trio, uncategorizable and entertaining, on violin/viola/cello and voices + Alan Wilkinson/John Coxon – powerful sax/guitar duo. @  Ryan’s bar. 181 Stoke …