Maggie Nicols/Caroline Kraabel/Charlotte Hug + The Glowering Figs + Alan Wilkinson/Malcolm Bruce/Jim Lebaigue – 29 April 2015

Maggie Nicols/Caroline Kraabel/Charlotte Hug

The veritable force of nature that is Maggie Nicols in a fabulous trio with alto sax and Swiss violinist



The Glowering Figs: Jerry Wigens (electric guitar)/Ivor Kallin (double bass)/Dave Fowler(drums)

Debut gig for this great-looking trio featuring the indomitable Ya Basta! rhythm pairing with guitar.


Alan Wilkinson/Malcolm Bruce/Jim Lebaigue

Second debut of the evening features this scorching sax/bass/drum trio with Dreamtime drummer and infamous guitarist!

flimflam at Ryan’s. 181 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16, Entrance £6/4. Doors 8.30pm.

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